Noah E. Miller

Design Director, Strategist
 & International Civil Servant

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About Me

I've had many titles and roles, but at the core I'm a Designer working at the intersection of people, information, services, and technology.

My entire career has been dedicated to the public good. I have nearly 20 years experience as a professional designer, half of them as a leader of multi-disciplinary teams working primarily in digital media and communications. I’ve worked on print, digital, branding, training, and service design for community organizations, the arts, academic medical centers, and now as a United Nations functionary in an economics think tank in South America.

I’m a native English speaker and am conversationally fluent in Spanish.

What kind of design?

As my career and the industries I work in evolved, I came to understand design not only as form making, but as a method of addressing all manner of problems by focusing on human needs and behaviors. The practice of design through, investigating, planning, making, and adapting is applicable in virtually any domain and at an scale. While my education and first design passion was in graphics and typography, I’ve also had the opportunity to work on such diverse projects as:

  • medical research
  • publications systems
  • communications campaigns
  • search algorithms
  • bureaucratic workflows
  • massive information architectures
  • rock albums
  • data visualizations
  • children
  • typeface design
  • library services
  • recipes and menus
  • empathy training for engineers

Some of these problems need better photography, javascript, or typography. Some need people to sit next to each other instead of across from each other. Some need more baking soda. Knowing how to frame the problem in the context of the people it impacts, how to devise a solution, and how to produce the desired result is my area of expertise.

A few other things I know

A few other things I know:

About teams, working, and innovation.


is more valuable than rock stars

Evidence & Expertise

are more qualified to make decisions than rank


is more productive than competition

Empowered people

are more effective than controlled people

Meaning and purpose

are wildly undervalued motivators

There is no “best”

Therefore, “better” is always in front of us


is the fertilizer for innovation

Some Work

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